Boy Scout Troop 259

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Wente Scout Reservation Summer Camp,
by Michael W.

On June 11, 2021, Troop 259 went to Wente Scout Reservation for Summer Camp. This particular summer camp was the first summer camp for all the scouts, and was even the first campout for one scout. There were many activities to participate in at the campout including mountain biking, mountain climbing, swimming and even horse riding. This campout was very productive and eventful. During this week long trip, each scout that went got at least 6 merit badges. As a troop the scouts completed 65 merit badges and received 9 partial merit badges. It wasn’t all work however, there were many fun experiences, such as the Wentathelon. The Wentathelon is a camp-wide competition where participants from troops compete in activities to see who can do them the fastest. There was also a time when our Scoutmaster brought ghost pepper hot sauce. Everyone was using the tips of the forks to taste it. Everyone that had it was suffering. Also Wente offered an event called the Wooly Wash where campers could wake up at 6 am to swim in the lake for at least 3 days to receive an award. We had 7 different troop members complete the challenge. There was a lot of wildlife that would roam freely around the camp as well. Our troop spotted deer, foxes, giant squirrels, many lizards, and a sleep paralysis demon. Overall, this trip was a great experience and I hope that the next summer camp will be as much fun as this one. View some of our Camp Wente activities here.


Silver Lake Campout, by Michael W.

On June 25, 2021, Troop 259 went to Silver Lake. During this campout, we simulated a backpacking trip and went to the potholes. One pothole was so deep that people were jumping into it, trying to touch the bottom, however, no one could. We later went to the lake and played for a while. One memory I had was people trying to catch minnows in the water. Troop 259 also fulfilled many requirements. An example of this is a scout building a tripod. At night, we viewed several constellations. During this camping trip, there was a Lunar Eclipse that certain scouts were able to see. Overall this camping trip was very productive, and a lot of fun. 


Flag Day Ceremony at the Elks Lodge

Troop 259 participated in Flag Day Ceremonies at the Elks Lodge, on June 14. In 1907, the Grand Lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks designated June 14 as Flag Day, and in 1911 adopted mandatory observance by every Lodge. In 1949, President Harry Truman (an Elks member himself) proclaimed that June 14 be a day for national observance for the symbol of our country.


Following the Flag Day Ceremony, scouts conducted a Flag Retirement Ceremony, to properly retire several flags which have become worn and are no longer serviceable. You can view a short video on our Media Page.



Sunset State Beach Campout, by Michael W.

Troop 259 traveled to Sunset State Beach in Watsonville for our first official campout of the year. During this trip, we identified 10 animals on the seven mile hike along the beach. One of the scouts was able to find clams along the hike, and he cooked them for dinner. Also, many of the scouts went geocaching. This activity consists of going to a specified location, and in a certain area, looking for what is called a geocache. This activity was a great way to introduce new scouts to the program. This trip was a lot of fun and was nice to finally get an opportunity to get out of the house.   


Garcia Bend Cleanup,
by Michael W.

On May 22, 2021, Troop 259 went to clean up at Garcia Bend Park. 5 scouts and 3 parents participated at the clean up. Together, we were able to clean a total of 8 bags of trash, in a total of 2 hours. We started at the park, and later traversed to the trail. Later going to the levee. Along the way, there were many people that were supportive of the scouts cleaning efforts, and took the time to thank us for our efforts. In the end, it was a good experience, being able to clean up much of the area and I hope we are able to do this again. 


Land Park Cleanup, by Michael W.

On April 24, 2021, Troop 259 went to clean up at Land Park.  Scouts and  adults participated at the clean up. We started at  Fairytale Town  and split off into two groups. One group went around the zoo, and the other went to Fairy Tale Town and Funderland. One memorable time was when many of the scouts were trying to catch a squirrel. They were trying for a total of 5 minutes, and then gave up. Overall, the park was very clean. There were many small pieces of trash from birthday parties. We were able to pick up 5 trash bags in 3 hours. It was nice to look around the area of Land Park, and I hope Troop 259 will be able to do this again. 


Congratulations, Eagle Scout Joshua Watson

Troop 259's newest Eagle Scout is Joshua Watson, in the Serpents Patrol. For his Eagle Project, Joshua and his team constructed a Memorial Bench in memory of First Lady Kay Mitchell, for the Antioch Progressive Church in Sacramento. Deacon Roy Bradley signed off as the beneficiary representative, and also lent a helping hand with construction. Due to Covid restrictions, Joshua completed his Eagle Board of Review via videoconferencing on March 17, 2021. Congratulations to Joshua, the troop's 188th Eagle Scout!



Elks Lodge Activity Day, by Michael W.

On April 17, Troop 259 conducted Camporee events at the Elks Lodge. There were many activities the scouts participated in. The activities allowed for the scouts to test their synergy with one another. One activity was a game called poison peanut butter where you had a set amount of pieces that you used to get across to a certain area without touching the floor. Another game was fire building. We also discussed cooking as a patrol and going over the patrol method. As a Troop, we went over the duty rosters too. This was a great way to get younger scouts familiar with how to set up a campsite in preparation for summer camp.


Super Saturday Event

February 6th was a "Super Saturday" event, with the troop holding three major activities. The Shred and E-waste recycling event helps fund items such as tents, camping equipment, and summer camp. Thank you to the community for coming out to support Troop 259 by shredding your confidential documents, and keeping electronic waste out of the landfill.


The STEM event introduced Cub Scouts to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics concepts. Scouts participated in a variety of projects, including construction of a catapult. They learned how engineering and simple machines, called levers, affect everyday life.


Here are a few "Super Saturday" pictures.



Latest Troop Activities, by Cohen H.


Troop 259 has done and learned many things since the pandemic started. There have been camping trips, troop meetings and hikes. These things were a combination of in-person and online meetings. At the campout at Brannan Island, we went on a 5-mile hike and worked on orienteering. We also worked on our wood cutting and hatchet/axe safety skills. The troop also camped in the rain at Indian Grinding Rock, which was a first-time experience for some of the newer scouts. While there, the troop worked on identifying native plant life and trees. We had an online game night to start our Christmas break, which everyone seemed to enjoy. We played a game called Our online meetings are fun, but the in-person meetings are more educational. There have been a few merit badges worked on, such as First Aid and Personal Fitness. To see our latest activities, view a slideshow here.



Newest Eagle Scout!

Congratulations to Christopher Fong, Troop 259's newest Eagle Scout. Due to the pandemic, Christopher's Eagle Board of Review was conducted virtually, via Zoom on September 30, 2020. He becomes Eagle Scout #187 and is the last of the original Ice Dragon Patrol scouts who bridged from Pack 259. Christopher's Eagle project involved designing and leading the construction of two wood benches, to be located in the sanctuary foyer at the Chinese Community Church. The benches provide the elderly a place to sit and rest while waiting for Sunday service to begin. This Fall, Christopher will study Civil Engineering at Cal State Pomona.


Make Your Day Delicious!

Troop 259 has launched its See's Candy fundraiser. Treat yourself to the yummiest candy on earth AND support Troop 259 at the same time! Order online, and help us reach our fundraising goal. Proceeds will go towards backpacking tents, camp gear, and similar needs.Send the link to your friends and family, also. Thank you for supporting Troop 259 - Top of the Line!



Northgate Community Cleanup Volunteer Service, by Christopher W.

In a time of uncertainty and political tension, it is nice to see a community come together to try and clean up the neighborhood. Community activist Roberto Rodriguez organized a local group of neighbors to try and chip in to make the surrounding neighborhood a better place. He started by going out himself and just picking up trash on the sidewalk, but after getting approval from city officials, he organized the first official Northgate Cleanup Event.


The group had over 70 volunteers including a group of scouts from Troop 259. There was even another older eagle scout present that quizzed some of the younger scouts on the scout oath and scout law. It is encouraging to see that the virtues instilled by scouting lasts a lifetime.


It is a good reminder that you do not need a special event to try and do good in the community. Little things count and we can all try to lead by being a positive examples to the ones around us.


If interested, the event was covered by KRCA. You can view the video here.



Welcome New Scouts! - Pack 259 Bridging Ceremony

On July 13, we welcomed Webelos II scouts into Troop 259. Pack 259 conducted an outdoor Bridging Ceremony -- with proper social distancing and face coverings, of course, Cubmaster Julia Hawkinson presented the Arrow of Light awards. The Arrow is straight and narrow, just as the path that scouts should follow throughout their lives. Its tip points the way, the way to success in all that scouts do. It is pointing to the right, a symbol that nothing should be left undone. If it is within your power to do it, see that it is done. And lastly, this is the symbol of the seven rays of the sun, one for each day of the week; this is to remind scouts that every day is a new day, a day to Do Your Best in everything. Each of these boys has blazed his own trail toward the Arrow of Light and now the Arrow of Light will help them remember their promise to keep the Spirit of Cub Scouting alive.


After each scout crossed the bridge from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting, their parent affixed the Troop 259 neckerchief and slide. The ceremony concluded with pictures and ice cream-to-go. Congratulations and welcome to Troop 259! View some photos of the ceremony here.


Backyard Camping Online with Zoom

Due to the Covid-19 stay-at-home restrictions, scouts have been unable to meet in person for campouts. So the next best thing was a backyard campout with Zoom. On a May weekend, scouts participated by camping in their individual backyards and joining a daily Zoom meeting to work on Trail to First Class and other advancement items. They also showed what meals they cooked on a camp stove or barbeque, and were almost able to complete some requirements, including the Nova Award. However, a backyard camp just isn't the same as a regular troop camp with hiking, fishing, or other activity. The scouts are eagerly awaiting their Sunset Beach campout as well as Summer Camp coming up; hopefully these events will be able to proceed.



Troop 259's Newest Eagle Scout, Anthony Wong

Anthony Wong became Troop 259's newest Eagle Scout on Febriuary 20. Anthony is currently the troop's Senior Patrol Leader, leading his fellow scouts during meetings, campouts, and other activites. His Eagle project involved the design, construction, and installation of two library boxes. The boxes are located in high-traffic areas on Freeport Blvd near the new Raley's project. Neighbors report that the boxes are visited frequently and thus far have been restocked three different times by local users. As a unique feature, the boxes are built with reclaimed materials as a means to demonstrate sustainability.


Open House Tastes Good!

Thank you to parents, Webelos Scouts, and other visitors who attended our Open House in February. The scouts had fun with various activites and demonstrations including the Alligator Walk, Stretcher Relay, and Tug-of-War. And let's not forget Cooking, the most popular activity where scouts prepared a delicious "Hobo Meal" of vegetables, meat, and seasonings wrapped in foil and cooked in the campfire. While the scouts were busy, Scoutmaster John Pitcher presented a Troop 259 overview to parents. The evening closed with a Troop Circle where scouts learned about advancement opportunities to reach the goal of Eagle Scout.



Fall 2019 Court of Honor

The 2019 Fall Court of Honor was held on October 21. Master of Ceremonies Devene L. coordinated the program and the Nuclear Illuminati Patrol provided the opening and closing flag ceremony. Outgoing Senior Patrol Leader Martin L. introduced Anthony W. as the SPL for the new term. Other scouts elected for troop leadership positions are Kacey Thomas - Assistant SPL, Joshua W. - Quartermaster and Librarian, Devene L - Bugler, Ian C, - Scribe, and Martin L. - Troop Guide. Rank Awards and Merit Badges (about 60!) were presented to the scouts. Historian Alex G. created a slideshow which you can view on our website's Media page here.


Community Messasge Boards - Eagle Project

For his Eagle Project, Thomas Cay led a team to construct, paint, and install two Community Message Boards for the City of West Sacramento, The message boards consist of a redwood frame holding corkboard to which messages, flyers, and other information can be attached. A plexiglas cover protects the contents from the weather. One messsage board is installed at Bryte Park, and other at Bridgeway Lake Community Park.



Summer Camping in Oregon


Oregon's Camp Makualla was the site of this year's summer camp. Story coming soon. Meanwhile, check out a photo album of our adventure!



July 4th Pocket Parade

Troop 259, along with Pack 259 marched in the annual 4th of July Pocket Parade. Both groups had excellent floats display the fun and activities of Scouting. The weather was perfect as the parade made its way along Windbridge Drive to Garcia Bend Park, where a community festival and food trucks were located. Thank you to all scouts who participated and distributed Scouting information and stickers to boys and girls along the parade route.


Lake Tahoe Camp


We took a trip to beautiful Lake Tahoe for our June troop campout. Departing Friday afternoon before rush-hour, we arrived at the campsite while there was still plenty of daylight, making it easier to set up camp. "I cooked a lot!" said Khonrad, who prepared food including hamburgers and southwestern salad, as part of his advancement requirementsh. On the second day, we went on a morning hike to Cascade Falls, and then returned for the arcade and some mini-golf. After dinner, we went down to the beach where some of us braved the cold water. Overall, the weather was very good -- a little cold but bearable -- and definitely not as cold as we experienced at the Klondike Derby. Other campsite activities included marshmallow roasting, and a game of softball.



Wood Badge Award

Congragulations to Committee Chairperson Phil Long, who was presented his Wood Badge award on July 1. Wood Badge recipients complete r\igorous training with four specific objectives: 1) View Scouting as a family of interrelated, values-based programs for youth; 2) Recognize contemporary leadership concepts used in corporate and government organizations that are relevant to Scouting; 3) Apply skills learned from participating in a successful working team; and 4) Revitalize their commitment by sharing in an experience that provides Scouting with needed leadership to accomplish its mission. Wood Badge is Scouting's premier training course, designed by the founder of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell who directed the first course in 1919.


Capital City District Awards Dinner

The Capital City District Awards Dinner was held on May 10. After a delicious potluck meal, several district recognitions were made and awards were presented to scout families and leaders. In Troop 259, the Phil and Amber Long family received the Family of the Year award for distinguished service in actively supporting and promoting Scouting at the unit level. Phil and Chris Wong received the Spark Plug award for outstanding and enthusiastic service to Scouting. Additionally, Phil received the Bollhoefer Scout BSA Leader award. In 2008, the Scoutmaster Emeritus award was presented to Phil Bollhoefer, Troop 601 Scoutmaster (now Rancho Cordova), for his many years of services to the Scouting program in the Sacramento and Rancho Cordova area. Mr. Bollhoefer’s troop was never very large nor did they win many camporee awards, but he and his Scouts were always at each camporee and would always put on an event. He was also an Order of the Arrow Vigil member and attended council, district and OA events, Roundtables, trainings and was a mentor to Scouts and Scouter by following the Eagle Scout challenge to “Give back to scouting more than it has given you.”



Spring 2019 Court of Honor

Our Spring 2019 Court of Honor was held on April 22. Master of Ceremonies Martin L. conducted the event. Scoutmaster Pitcher gave an update on the various campouts and activities completed during the past six months, with scouts adding commentary about their personal experiences, and Kacey T's slidshow providing a visual summary. Several scouts were awarded merit badges and rank advancements, including the Eagle Scout rank earned by Diego Gonsales -- who became our troop's 182nd Eagle and who is one of five Eagle Scouts (Billy T. Hernandez, Eli Kwong, Joshua Fong, and Justin Jow) in the original Phoenix Patrol. The newly-elected scout leadership was introduced, followed by a Troop Circle and refreshments to close out the evening.



Capital City Klondike Derby 2019, by Anthony W.

The Klondike Derby is an annual tradition amongst scouters, where troops from each council gather together to battle it out against one another in numerous scout competitions, all culminating in a sled race against one another. The Klondike is a true testament to being prepared for harsh cold conditions which tests the mettle of any scout willing to rise to the challenge. This year’s Klondike Derby was no different.


This year Troop 259 only had 4 scouts that wanted to challenge the cold conditions and camp on over 2 feet of snow. What we lacked in number we made up with enthusiasm and determination. The memories of sleeping through temperatures of -4 degrees from the previous Klondike Derby deterred most from returning, but we managed to get one returning scout and three first time Klondike participants to go on the inter-troop competition. Fortunately this time the temperature only dropped to a low of a balmy -3 degrees.


That being said, the troop managed to complete a number of competitions and succeeded in not placing last in the sled race. Not too bad, considering the wood sled ended being a snow plow during the uphill sled race which took place upon up to 3 feet of fresh powder. An interesting side note is wet socks will freeze on your feet in -3 degree weather. Always make sure you have dry socks on snow campouts.


In all, everyone made it back alive and I am sure that every scout learned to never underestimate the elements and always double and triple check the conditions prior to leaving for a campout.